Little Tykes Theatre


Tra La Laaa…

… is a English Music brought to you by renowned international singer, violinist and pedagogue Heather Stewart, in collaboration with Little Tykes Theatre.

At Little Tykes Theatre, whilst celebrating the fun of imagining and pretending, we often enlist Music to enhance dramatic and/or comic moments, and always engage in creative movement of the body and improvisation. When Heather and her little girl came to one of our workshops, we had so much fun discussing similarities in our approaches to performing and this collaboration naturally became the next project we just had to try!

What will we do at this camp?
Learn music through improvisation and creative play – Make music with your body and voice, play beat detective and create rhythmic music machines! Sing and move to jazzy/blues songs – and end the week with a mini showing for family and friends!

Who would this suit?
Children aged 3 – 6 years. This is an independent drop-opp workshop

The American Cathedral
23 Avenue George V (metros George V and Alma Marceau)

29th Aug – 1st Sept 2017
10:00 – 12:00

How much?
10% off for siblings, or if you sign up with a friend.

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Camp Zamelot

Good morrow, one and all. Welcome to the Wonderful, Fantastical world of Zamelot!


Where fairies dance with dragons, pirates battle sea monsters for treasure, and where princesses, aliens, knights, and mysterious merfolk come to spend their summer days. Journey through Space, solve a mystery, fight the Jabberwocky, and catch a star.
Anything can happen in Zamelot…


Each year, in the first days of summer, Little Tykes Theatre takes some very lucky children to the imaginary world of Zamelot. There, we spend a week playing theatre games, learning Improvisation and acting techniques, designing costumes, constructing the sets and props… And then at the end of the week, we put up an exciting performance for parents and siblings and friends.

**Tenderfoot Special!**

Back by popular demand, we’ll be running our Super-duper Movie-making special again this summer! That’s right – cameras, lights, “ACTION!”, red carpet, and a glamourous Premiere Screening: THE WORKS! Join the Little Tykes Theatre Team on a Movie-making adventure…

Tenderfoot Group playing the role of The Audience at the younger Tots Show

Tenderfoot Group playing the role of The Audience at the younger Tots Show

Click here for details for Mt Zamelot: Superhero Academy Summer Camp 2017.