Little Tykes Theatre

Artists, Theatre Companies, and other Kindred Spirits

It’s been said that people judge you by who your friends are. Here’s a bunch of links to websites and work by our friends and just people we like in general. Check them out! And if you know someone who should be on here but isn’t yet, do let us know.

Ecole Philippe Gaulier was where the spirit of Little Tykes Theatre was born. Charlotte Chiew, Sidney Robb, Eliza Sweeney, and many future collaborators studied, trained, and were greatly influenced by the teaching and performance-creation methods they experienced under the Master. Who himself, studied at the Jacques Lecoq School.


Theatre en Jeu is a very important non-profit organization with the generous and ambitious aim of making arts administration seamless for many performing groups so that we can focus our energies on art-making. Little Tykes Theatre (plans to) collaborate (administratively) with Theatre en Jeu for its future productions.


Drama Ties Theatre Company is the surrogate sister company of Little Tykes Theatre. When your kids get too old for our programs, make sure you check them out for your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly dose of excellent theatre workshops and performances.


Message is an Anglophone parenting network in France (with a concentration on the Parisian quarters). It is also where you will find any information worth knowing (first-hand from other parents) about children/education/parenting/bi-and-mulit-lingualism/administration/life in France.


The American Library in Paris. If you don’t already know it, the name says it all. If you’re an Anglophone parent in Paris, or just an Anglophone in Paris, PLEASE check it out.


Shakespeare and Company is (in our honest opinion) the BEST English bookshop in all of Paris (maybe all of the world). Words don’t do it justice. Please go browse.


On the other side of the Canal, The Last Baguette is a very funny theatre company, helmed by our dear Sidney Robb (and other fantastic actors). They were “born” in Paris, and have “moved” to Bristol.


Still in England, Louise Klarnett’s work with babies and young children has always been an inspiration to Little Tykes Theatre’s programs. Collaboration talks in progress since 2009…


Kneehigh Theatre is our role model for community theatre.

Punchdrunk is our role model for doing theatre that makes our heart beat faster.


Further away in the United States of America, we have long looked up to Seattle Children’s Theatre for their wonderful brand of children’s theatre.


While you’re in Seattle, also pop into the Seattle Children’s Museum and the Creative Dance Center. Both of whom we unabashedly imitate from afar.


In the Southern continent, Cia do giro and their theatre school TEPA do amazing mask work. Their Larval Mask play is the first full-length Larval Mask play in the world, and their approach to teaching Mask Play makes us at Little Tykes Theatre want to explore there a little for our upcoming and very first performance for very small children. Their sites are both in Portuguese though…


Crossover to Asia, and we have the now-disbanded Mime Unlimited and Act 3 in Singapore. The people who made up these groups have moved on to other things but slivers of their brilliance and values echo strong in what we do at Little Tykes Theatre. Act 3 is now under 2 different managements – Act3 Theatrics and Act 3 International.