Little Tykes Theatre

Stroll down our Memory Lane

Here are some photos from our past Camps and Workshops, in reverse chronological manner.


Camp Zamelot 2016

Movie-making, production stills, and a couple of shots from the Premiere Screening

Tots Group 2016


Camp Zamelot (Summer) 2014

Toussaint Acting Camp 2014

Camp Zamelot (Summer Camp) 2013

Camp Zamelot (Summer Camp) 2012

Toussaint Acting Camp 2012

Our first Camp during the Toussaint holidays. We ran the camp in 2 groups – Tenderfoot was for kids aged 4 to 8 years, and Tots was for kids 2 to 4 years and accompanied by a very involved and participating adult!

Summer Camp 2011

We called it Adventures on (and under) the High Seas – our first full-day, week-long Camp. A brand new script, original story, complete with props and costumes that the kids devotedly contributed to…

Puppetry Summer Camp 2010

This was Little Tykes Theatre’s very first Summer Camp. The kids came in the morning and went home for lunch together with their new Puppet-friends…